PEEK & Friction-Elements english

In this case, our colleague Paul Giezendanner (Switzerland) wanted to be „extra-safe“.

Therefore, it was planned to incorporate additional friction-elements in the secondary telescopes.

Cause the primary telescopes must be made very thin and delicate in order to achieve an appealing aesthetic can, these telescopes should not be kept with telescopic pliers.
For the production and processing of secondary telescopes plastic stumps from Pattern Resin are made.
These can be fixed, if necessary with a small drop of superglue to the telescopes. To detach the plastic cone from the inner telescope, a hot-air pen can be used.
By heating the adhesive compound dissolves and the zirconium crown can be solved from the stump.

My first telescoping Working with secondary parts made of PEEK I made good 3 years ago and so far none of these patients a loss of friction occurred.
Due to the additional insertion of the screw activatable friction, which remain inactive in the first inclusion and act as a „sleeper„, however, the maintenance can be subsequently increased.
Thus, any loss of friction, prevented.

In the area of the palate can be seen the incorporation of the previous prosthesis. Cause the patient has become accustomed over many years on this form, we will maintain this well.

Because the size of the posterior teeth veneers was not reasonable, these were replaced after the completion of Paul Giezendanner again.
Unfortunately I have no pictures of the modified work available.
I hope you enjoyed this report.

Michael Anger & Paul Giezendanner